How To Register Free In Nepal 2020

Alon Shrestha » 08 Jun 2020 » webhosting, domain

The domain is the free thing you can add to your online property without paying any single penny in Nepal. With a personal name domain, you can brand your name or services through websites. Most of the people have a blog page or portfolio page with their self name domain. I have used my name as a domain for my personal and blog.

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What Is

In short .np is the country top-level domain in Nepal administered by Mercantile Communications Pvt. Ltd. Registration of .np with a secondary level like,, can be registered by Nepalese, Non-Resident Nepalese, and even by the foreigners having Nepalese residential.

If you also want to have a free domain with your name follow the procedure below.


  • Documents (scanned copy of your citizen card or license or passport)
  • Cover letter
  • Gmail Account


Step 1: Check If The Domain Is Available

Browse and “Search” for the domain you want. For Free In Nepal |

Step 2: Register Domain

If the status of the searched domain is “Available” then click “Register now” to register the domain. Register domain .com .np |

Step 3: Sign in/Create User

You will visit the login page. “Sign in” with your account or click “Create user” to have new an account. Sign In or Create User |

Important: Jump to Step 6 if you can sign in, else continue.

Step 4: Register Account

A user detail form will appear. Fill the form with valid data. Register Domain Free In Nepal |

Step 5: Activate Your Account

You will receive a verification message in your G mail. Activate your account |

Open your G mail and verify your G mail account. Verify you account |

Step 6: Sign In

Now you will be again redirected to the login page. Enter your credential and “Sign in”. Register Domain Free In Nepal |

Step 7: Domain Registration

You will see a domain request form. Enter the primary and secondary name server that you are going to use.

eg: 000webhosting

Primary Name Server:

Secondary Name Server: Register Domain Free In Nepal |

Note: The above-used Name Server in the picture is of [cloudflare]

Step 8: Administrative Contact

Fill the administrative contact form with valid data and submit it.

Step 9: Submit Your Personal Document

Now submit your document eg: license, citizen card, passport and cover letter having .jpg format with less than 300Kb. Submit Document for doamin |

Sample Cover Letter

Date July 24, 2019

	The Host Master
	Mercantile Communication Pvt. Ltd
				Subject: Domain Registration

	Dear Sir/Madam,

	I am writing to you to register a domain for myself by the name "YourDomainName(eg:".
	I have successfully completed other process of registration as required in the domain registration
	following all the terms and condition.
	It would be very nice if you could help me out in this process. I would always be available to
	provide any more information that you need to complete this process. I look forward to hearing
	from you.

	Your Name


Step 10: Complete Registration

You have completed your domain registration, wait for the approval by Merchantile. Visit your dashboard you must be able to see a similar image below. Register Domain Free In Nepal |

Now, I guess you have successfully registered your domain Please comment down below if you need any help regarding domain registration.