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Alon Shrestha » 26 Jun 2019 » jekyll, github-pages

This is my first blog post using Jekyll and Github Pages. Jekyll is a markdown language used for generating a static page and Github Pages is the static page hosting media. I used to have tech-related blogs and online portfolio on WordPress named

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Know About Wordpress Before Using It For Blogging.

Wordpress can be setup with in one click which seems to be very easy for everyone. Blogging in Wordpress can be best option for those bloggers who does not have any coding knowlodge and wants their site ready in a minute.

However, you need to pay money for hosting your wordpress site using custom domain. Your billing charges on wordpress hosting depends on how much bandwidth and space you use. When I encountered github-pages and digging more into it. I got to know that I can host my blog for free using cusotom domain.

Why Did I Migrate From Wordpress To Github-Pages?

GitHub Pages provides 1 GB web space with 100 GB bandwidth per month for free which is enough for a blogger. Having an IT background, using WordPress for blogging knowing that there is another technology which will save my money and also, lets me be more professional towards my profession. This thing didn’t satisfied me to use Wordpress for blogging anymore.

Also, the main reason for migrating from wordpress to gh-pages was I wanted to have my own custom design web page and use custom domain eg: This site ( is the perfect example showing you that blogging can be done easily using jekyll and gh-pages. This site is hosted free for lifetime using custom domain.

Can I Migrate Wordpress Post To GitHub-Pages?

You can easily migrate your Wordpress post to gh-pages. Just install Jekyll Export plugin in your Wordpress site and it will download all your post in markdown format which is used by jekyll.

Wordpress Is Not The King When It Comes To Blogging.

After migrating all the post from wordpress to gh-pages, I didn’t belive the secret that Wordpress is the king when it comes to blog and hosting. It is not so difficult to use jekyll and gh-pages. You can choose different themes for your blog from here:

All the themes are made by awesome developers and stored in the Github. You just simply fork or clone their themes and made the necessary changes that you want.

Important: Please check the license of the themplate before using them.

Here are the some advantages and disadvantes of using jekyll and GitHub-Pages.

Pors and Cons Of Using Jekyll And Github Pages For Blogging


  • Free of cost
  • Security and Reliability
  • Use Custom Domain
  • Custom Theme
  • Fast because of a static page
  • No Database


  • Programming and GitHub knowledge are required
  • Supports Static Sites Only