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So you want to host your website, right? I suppose so because you already are on this page. Not to worry, you are in the right place.

In this article, I will guide you about what is web hosting, different types of websites, which hosting package should you choose, how to choose them, and the best hosting service providers in Nepal.

Not only that, you will also find the best, cheapest and free web hosting services available at the moment in Nepal.

Since this is a lengthy article, I have created a table of content which makes you easy to navigate. If you do not want to read this article thoroughly then you can directly jump to different sections you like.

Table Of Content

But I recommend you to go through this article completely.

Especially for those who are new or a beginner in web hosting, this article is completely written for you. I am sure you will discover new stuff here.

What is Web Hosting?

What is Web Hosting | Web Hosting In Nepal | sTechalon.com Web hosting (shortened to web host) is a service which allows an individual or an organization to publish their website which can be viewed globally with internet access.

Web hosting service providers are the companies that provide storage to store your website (consist of text, code, images, etc.) on the web server.

Web servers are computers located in a big datacenter connected via the internet which is responsible for making your website online.

Now that you have learned about web hosting, you need to know what type of website do you have in order to host it?

Determine Your Websites Type

Understanding the type of your website before hosting on a web server is very important as it is a crucial step to prevent unnecessary cost on web hosting.

Basically, websites are categorized into two different types: static and dynamic. Static and Dynamic | Web Hosting In Nepal | sTechalon.com

Static Website

  • The content is fixed and displayed the same to every user.
  • It is simple and easy to create.
  • More secure than a dynamic website.
  • No programming languages and databases are used in static websites.
  • Basically HTML and CSS are used to build it.
  • It is best to go with static if your website has less than 3 to 4 pages.

Examples of static website: Documentation Website, Blogs, Personal (CV Webpage), Landing Webpage, Forums etc.

One interesting thing about static websites is that you can host such websites for free unlimitedly.

Platforms like Github-Pages, Netlify, Google Cloud Storage, Firebase allow your static website to be hosted for free and securely.

This blog (stechalon.com) is the perfect example of static website hosting for free in github-pages. My blogging expenses per year is only one thousand (i.e domain cost). Isn’t this interesting?😎

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I see many people and organizations with a static website that maybe a portfolio, a business information page, etc. Such pages are hosted in web servers provided by hosting companies.

Unknowingly, they are spending money for the same job that can be done for free by using platforms mentioned above.

Dynamic Website

  • Dynamic website content changes dynamically.
  • This uses client side scripting (Front-end) and server-side scripting(Back-end) languages or dynamic programming languages (Java, ASP.Net, PHP, Python, Perl, AngularJS, Node.JS, etc)
  • Database is used to access the content of the webpage. So, when the data is changed in the database the content automatically gets changed in the webpage.
  • Compared to static this type of webpage is not so easy to create.

Examples of dynamic websites: Blogs(WordPress), E-commerce websites(Online Store), Facebook, Netflix etc.

Dynamic website needs different software and an environment to run on a web server.

For example: Suppose a website named “ABC” is built using PHP. The web server in which the website “ABC” is being hosted should be configured according to the requirements required by the website “ABC”.

Configuration like PHP version, apache, database, and other dependencies packages should be installed.

Similarly, different configurations should be set up in the web server for different languages like JAVA, Python, Node.js etc.

This is also a reason that dynamic web hosting is expensive compared to static web hosting.

Know Which Types of Hosting Service You Need?

When you search “web hosting in Nepal” and visit different hosting companies webpage, you will find services with terminologies like Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting, Cloud Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, Reseller Hosting etc.

These terms are just a hosting service plan provided by the hosting companies categorized for you according to the requirements of your website.

Choosing a perfect web hosting service for your website is not that difficult as you think.

You just need to know what shape and size your website has and how much traffic (users) visits your website per day or month.

What I meant here is:

  • Shape: In which platform your website is built? (eg: JAVA, Python(Django), PHP, etc)
  • Size: How much disk space does your website need?
  • Traffic: What amount of bandwidth does your website need?

After knowing these, select the best fit hosting plan service for your website which are described below.

Basically web hosting plans are categorized into three types Shared, VPS and Dedicated hosting.

Shared Hosting (for Small & Medium Website)

Shared Web Hosting In Nepal | sTechalon.com Shared hosting is the most affordable and common hosting package.

In shared hosting, single server resources are being shared with multiple customers. The individual customers hosting their website on this server are unknown about other customers hosting their websites on the same server.

In this case server resources are split among so many customers’ sites, performance sometimes suffers as your website grows.

Shared hosting is suitable for minimum traffic websites such as:

  • Small business sites
  • Blogs (Beginners)
  • Portfolios
  • Personal sites

I recommend you to choose a shared hosting plan if you have recently entered web hosting. This is a budget friendly plan and you need no technical skills to set up your website.

Some hosting companies provide unlimited disk space in shared hosting so you do not need to worry if your site grows in future. But when your site starts receiving medium amounts of traffic then you can upgrade to a VPS hosting plan easily.

Affordable price.Limited resources.
Beginner friendly, easy to use control panel.Other customers' sites can affect your site.
Maintenance and easy support done by the hosting provider.Security issues and no root access.

VPS Hosting (for Fast Growing Website)

VPS Hosting In Nepal | sTechalon.com VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. It is one of the most popular hosting services. A single high performance server is divided into multiple sub virtual servers. This virtual server is known as a virtual private server(VPS).

VPS is also similar to the shared hosting but with high optimized performance. Because single server resources are shared with multiple virtual private servers.

VPS provides you with dedicated private resources with multiple users. VPS customers still share a server, but they have a large portion and great control on it.

This service is for those customers who have medium level of traffic and exceed the limits of shared hosting plans.

VPS hosting is suitable for medium traffic website:

  • Ecommerce Site (Small Online Store)
  • Bloggers (Intermediate)
  • Personal Gaming Server
Affordable than dedicated hosting.Resources are shared so cannot use a maximum amount of RAM
More secure.Limited resources like memory, disk space, processing time.
Fast compared to shared hosting.Needs technical skill and can be difficult to configure.
Provides root access. Can be customized to your needs.Expensive than shared hosting.
Scalable. Upgrade the server with your site.Compared to dedicated, VPS does not provide complete control over server

Dedicated Hosting (for High-Performing Website)

Dedicated Hosting In Nepal | sTechalon.com From the name itself, you can get exactly what it sounds. It is an actual server with real hardware and resources. Unlike VPS and shared hosting this hosting server resources won’t be divided into multiple virtual servers or gets shared with multiple users.

In dedicated hosting, your website or application is stored in a single server dedicated for your own personal use. Customers on this server have complete control on the resources and can customize the server how they want.

Dedicated hosting allows you to customize network security, load balancer, operating system and many more. It is more expensive compared to other hosting plans but in return you get a high level of performance.

Customers having high amounts of traffic on a daily basis and have exceeded the limits of VPS hosting plans can go with a dedicated hosting plan.

Dedicated hosting is suitable for high traffic (500000 visitors per month) and large business website:

  • Ecommerce Site (Large online store)
  • Bloggers (Professional)
  • Web Application
Dedicated server for yourself.Highly expensive.
Full control over the server and can be customized that suits your website.Requires technical skills.
Fast compared to other hosting plans.
Great performance and security.Responsible for maintaining the resources.
24/7 support since you pay a lot of money.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting In Nepal | sTechalon.com Cloud hosting is a latest and trending hosting service in the current market. It is the hybrid version of VPS but cost effective. Customers need to share the server with other users but it also provides multiple servers and many resources to everyone.

In cloud hosting, instead of hosting your website in a single server, it is hosted in multiple virtual servers connected to each other in different locations.

Websites hosted on the cloud are always live and accessible. Each website is replicated on every cloud server in the cluster.

This allows multiple servers to work together to handle the high traffic. So, when one server fails, other servers work to keep your website up and running.

Cloud hosting is suitable for any type of business. Specially for those whose website traffic is unpredictable and growing at a fast rate or planning to scale at a steady rate eg: next month or year.

Reliable, scalable and flexible.No fixed price.
Cost efficient. Pay only how much you use.Cost depends on the use and traffic.
More security.Limited customization.
Less down time.Requires technical knowledge.

How to Choose Perfect Web Hosting?

There is no such formula to choose the perfect web hosting package. Any hosting package can be perfect for someone whose needs best fits in it. So, the only thing you need to know is your needs.

However, for newbies, it is difficult to find out their own needs. The best way to start web hosting for beginners is to begin with a small package like shared hosting.

Packages provided by the web hosting company are always upgradable. In this way you can save your unnecessary expenses on web hosting.

To find your needs, first stop searching on google “best hosting provider”, ”cheapest hosting” etc. Second, read the below question and try to think of your answer.

  • Which platform is your website using? (Eg: PHP, Node.js, Java, Python, etc)
  • What is the website product? (Eg: Personal Site, Portfolio, Blog, Online Store, etc)
  • How much traffic does your website have or you expect? (Eg: 1K, 10K,100K/ per month)
  • What will be the size of your website in the coming years?
  • Does your site need additional software? (Eg: MongoDB)
  • Are you planning to host multiple websites in a single hosting package or account?
  • Which operating system does your application need?(Eg: Windows or Linux)
  • Do you need root access to the server?
  • Do you need to install your application on the server by yourself?
  • Is security important for your website?
  • Does free SSL work for you?
  • Do you need dedicated public IP for your website?
  • How fast do you want your website to be launched?

Web Hosting Provider In Nepal

If you search “Web hosting in Nepal” you will find numbers of web hosting companies listed which makes you confused regarding which one you should choose. You can choose any of them if your requirement gets fulfilled by the packages they provide.

Your website security, speed and other components rely on the hosting provider that you select. Therefore, I suggest you choose reputable and reliable hosting companies.

Some of the hosting providers that I have personally used and known for better performance are

If you like to mention the name that I have missed here or which provides better performance and service. Then, please mention the name in the comment below. This will be much appreciated.

However, for those who are searching for the cheapest hosting packages, I have made it easy for you to select. Below are the best and the cheapest hosting packages on Shared, WordPress, Python, Node.js and VPC.

Cheapest Shared Hosting In Nepal

Below table contains the cheapest shared hosting packages in Nepal where the packages starts from Rs 20 per month. Customers can use these packages if they are new to the web hosting world or want to learn cPanel shared hosting.

Websites like personal site, portfolio, single page site, lightweight WordPress can be hosted in these packages.

Host ProviderWebsiteDisk SizeBandwidthEmailFree SSLCost
Himalayan Host1100 MBUnlimitedUnlimitedYesRs 20 / mnt
WavesoftUnlimited1 GB SSD10 GBUnlimitedYesRs 99 / mnt
ehostingserver11 GB SSD10 GB-YesRs 700 / year
crazyhost11 GB10 GB5YesRs 700 / year

WordPress Hosting For Beginners In Nepal

I have selected the best budget wordpress hosting providers which are mentioned below.

If you are confused regarding disk space or how much disk space WordPress needs then, my answer will be 1 GB.

Yes, 1 GB will be enough if you are a beginner blogger.

Basically, the disk space depends on the theme, plugin and the images or videos you use in the blog. Therefore, start with less disk space. You can upgrade the package later if needed.

Host ProviderDisk SizeBandwidthEmailFree SSLLiteSpeed⚡Cost
Himalayan Host2 GBUnlimitedUnlimitedRs 1500 / year
AGM Host4 GB40 GBUnlimited-Rs 1600 / year
Babal HostUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedRs 1999 / year

Cheapest Python Web Hosting In Nepal

Nowadays, numerous websites are built using Python. Hosting providers in Nepal have started to provide services for developers to host their (Django/Flask) web application at the cheapest price in an optimized server.

Below are the starter python hosting packages which come with cPanel for easy installation.

Host ProviderDisk SizeBandwidthEmailFree SSLLiteSpeed⚡Cost
Himalayan HostUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedRs 2000 / year
Babal HostUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedRs 1999 / year
NepCloudUnlimitedUnlimited--Rs 2000 / year

Cheapest Node.js Web Hosting In Nepal

Similar to python, node.js website is also a demanding product on the market. Many hosting providers offer Node.js hosting in VPS servers only.

Below are the hosting packages that are configured in an optimized server which comes with cPanel for easy installation.

Host ProviderDisk SizeBandwidthEmailFree SSLLiteSpeed⚡Cost
Himalayan HostUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedRs 2000 / year
Babal HostUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedRs 1999 / year
NepCloudUnlimitedUnlimited--Rs 2000 / year

Affordable VPS Hosting In Nepal

As you already know VPS provides high performance compared to shared hosting. So this hosting is going to be a little more expensive than shared hosting.

I have selected the budget friendly VPS packages having 2 GB RAM and 1core CPU for newbies.

Host ProviderRAMCPUDisk SizeBandwidthCost
ehostingserver2 GB1v20 GB SSD20 TBRs 899 / mnth
webhostnepal2 GB1v20 GB SSD20 TBRs 1000 / mnth
WaveSoft2 GB2v300 GB5 TBRs 1200 / mnth

If you want a good return of what you pay in VPS then, I suggest you buy VPS from an international known company like Hostinger, A2Hosting etc. They provide the same packages at a cheap rate and also with great performance and support.

Free Web Hosting Providers

Are you excited about this?

Before we move on, let me clear why you should use and not use free hosting services.

Free hosting is only good if you are new to web hosting and know nothing about how it works. This can help you to learn how to use cPanel hosting and also works for your website if it is not concerned with traffic and revenue.

Most of the developers use free hosting to test their website or application. You can get benefits if it is used for learning and experimenting purposes.

But, If you are planning to host your business website and achieve a good impression then, this is exactly not what you are searching for. There are many drawbacks of using free web hosting such as:

  • Lack of security. Your website can be a victim of virus and malware.
  • Limited content. This offers limited space and bandwidth.
  • You can’t rank on google using free web hosting services.
  • Limited support or no support at all.
  • Many services do not allow you to use your personal domain.

You should not worry about saving money on hosting if your goal is to earn business revenue from the website. Hosting your website at a good company keeps you on the safe side of the road for life time.

Having said that, there are really great and free web hosting service providers for the nonprofit and educational sectors. I have personally tried some hosting services mentioned below.

Host ProviderDisk SizeBandwidthEmailSub DomainDatabase
Infinity FreeUnlimitedUnlimited10Unlimited400
Byethost5 GBunlimited575
Googiehost5 GBUnlimted575
000Webhosting300 MB3 GB001
Free Web Hosting NoAds1 GB5 GB131


In this article we have learned what is web hosting, different types of websites, different types of web hosting and hosting providers in Nepal.

Now you must be confident on how to choose a perfect hosting package. The basic rule for beginners to host their website is by starting with a minimal package.

Remember the platforms like Github-Pages, Netlify, Google Cloud, Firebase allows you to host your static site at no cost. And this is really safe.

You must also be aware of advantages and disadvantages of free hosting service for your dynamic website.

Please comment down below if you have any questions regarding web hosting, or if you may wish to host something of your own.


  • Mention services provided by free web hosting companies might change frequently.